!!  In recent light of Covid-19  we are open for Dine-in and carryouts from 6am-10pm!!

This is to ensure the safety of our staff and guests during these tough times.

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The Slider

Travis Omlette and hashbrowns

5 X 5  the 1/3 lb Burger

The 5x5 originally earned its name "5x5" because this beefy burger needs BOTH hands and all FIVE fingers to hold its mass. This burger is three of our sliders stacked up like a snowman, then pressed down into one patty, order a deluxe and recieve lettuce tomatoe, mayo, a side of fries and coleslaw. 

Travis burgers

Have you


Here at Travis we are known for our burgers, being open late and our BREAKFAST! The omlette is our "bread and butter" of the breakfast selection.

5 x 5 Travis burger

"Travis Coffee Shop on 9 mile and Mack, if you want to have one of the BEST BURGERS you have to go there..." 

-Dave Coulier